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MONACO MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Yacht, Private Jet, Properties

With Monaco Management Services, it’s so easy, and really effective...
Monaco Management Services is a platform of skills enabling you to globalise management of your possessions. This is a new personalised and innovative management concept, put at your disposal and intended to make life easy for you...

An intermediary will be personally assigned to you to ensure in complete trust and confidentiality, the implementation of your specific instructions for the management of your possessions on a daily basis.
You specify your instructions to your own intermediary, who will interface with associates of Monaco Management Services. These associates, each having their own fields of expertise, shall implement your instructions. Thus, these associates of Monaco Management Services, shall, on your behalf, provide a thoroughgoing management service and undertake to perform all tasks necessary, whether they be administrative or technical.
The associates of Monaco Management Services are all experienced and qualified professionals with specialised skills in multiple domains: Aviation, Yachting, Property, etc.

  1. You save time by bringing together the management of your possessions.
  2. You will have a better overview of all of your requirements.
  3. You will reduce your costs thanks to many economies of scale.
  4. You will have a better idea of your global assets.
  5. You will be assisted by competent and thoroughgoing professionals.
  6. You will retain complete control of your possessions, being sure at all times that you can call upon your own intermediary who will be personally assigned to you.

In addition, a confidentiality charter is signed with our clients in order to guarantee you total secrecy with regard to your activities and your private life.
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